In its capacity as an employment agency, Balans has a variety of certifications and quality standards. This is especially valuable due to our status as a specialist in the field of Laboratories and Process Engineering. Our certifications for internal processes and administrative operations also demonstrate that Balans is a reliable partner for both clients and candidates.

VCA and VCU certification

Process Engineering Arnhem and Eindhoven are VCU certified. The abbreviation VCU stands for Veiligheid en gezondheid Checklist Uitzendorganisaties (Health and Safety Checklist for Temporary Employment Agencies). VCU stems from VCA. VCU certification is intended for businesses that provide personnel to VCA-certified businesses. These businesses conduct tasks that involve increased risks in environments with increased risks. Every year, we are audited in this regard by the TÜV.

You can view Balans's VCU certificate here (PDF format).

For more information, visit the VCA website.

SNA quality mark

To be awarded the SNA (Labour Standards Association) quality mark, organisations must be in compliance with the requirements of the NEN 4400 standard. The SNA quality mark was developed to limit work-related risks to clients and hirers of labour. Based on current legislation, these parties run the risk of being held liable for obligations from employment that were not fulfilled by the supplier or contractor/subcontractor. Businesses with the SNA quality mark are periodically inspected with regard to obligations from employment, which lowers the risks for the hirer and outsourcer of work.

For more information, visit the SNA website.

NEN 4400-1

The NEN 4400-1 sets requirements for and evaluates obligations from employment for suppliers. NEN 4400-1 certification demonstrates that Balans's administration, employee insurance payments, tax affairs and withholding of income tax and national insurance contributions are in order. Every year, we are audited in this regard by Normec FLC.


Balans is a member of the NBBU (Dutch Association of Intermediary Organisations and Temporary Employment Agencies). It is the sector organisation for the SME segment of the employment intermediation sector and consists of 900 members (25% of the employment agency sector). The NBBU ensures that its members are reliable and professionally operating organisations that comply with all applicable legislation, no matter how complex. They do this by conducting collective bargaining agreement checks to ensure that the NBBU collective bargaining agreements in the employment agency sector are correctly complied with.