Discover Balans

People are the beating heart of your organisation. Organisations have to react increasingly quickly and effectively to market changes and customer wishes. Knowledge, expertise and innovation are all key factors in your organisation's success. Balans brings specialists into contact with specialists. We first want to become familiar with your needs and the culture within your organisation. Specialising in human capital as we do, our expertise helps boost your success, whether it is for a specific project, temporary replacement staff for operational projects or if you just need a single individual. With Balans, you know for certain that you will always get the right professional with the right expertise. Our professionals make all the difference.

We find you the perfect match because we dare to make decisions. This is because we choose to focus on quality and depth, which is evidenced by our decision to specialise. We focus on three specialist fields:

  • Our clients are also professionals within one of our specialist fields.
  • You are our sounding board, enabling us to assess the service we provide.
  • You boost our network with your expertise.Reasons for you to work with us:
  • Working with you keeps us up to date. This helps make our analysis of your needs accurate, which in turn helps us find a good match. We work with your job profiles in the specialist fields in which we operate.
  • We invest in long-term relationships with our clients.
  • We have built up a rich network which we very effectively maintain and continually expand. Via this unique network, professionals come into contact with us and with you.
  • Balans measures the satisfaction of both its clients and candidates; we are open to feedback and we take action wherever there is the slightest room for improvement.
  • Our intermediaries are skilled specialist professionals that exclusively intermediate in their particular specialist field. Many of them have worked for Balans for many years and they all the necessary knowledge and experience.
  • Balans strives to establish long-term relationships with the parties in its network.
  • Balans excels at recruitment and selection, has an extensive network, uses internal and external databases, recruits via the internet and has social networks.
  • We like to take charge of the entire procedure and ensure a speedy process without compromising on quality. After all, professional candidates want to be treated professionally.