Staff placement

Here are eight reasons why Balans is the right choice for filling all of your general and specialist vacancies.

  1. We invest in gathering knowledge about your organisation and the markets it caters to. As a result, we understand the context of the vacancy and make the optimum match.
  2. We implement effective screening, consisting of reference checks, personal selection interviews and online background investigations.
  3. We offer honest candidate introductions that allow you to get to know the candidate a little before the first interview and to establish which subjects the interview should focus on.
  4. Your Career Specialist has a minimum of an HBO (higher professional education) degree in Psychology, Business Administration or a specific field of expertise in addition to having completed a postgraduate intermediary programme.
  5. We focus on the quality of the service our clients experience. Upon completion of every intermediary process, we ask you to evaluate our service by means of a Net Promotor Score (NPS).
  6. We offer you flexibility of up to five and a half years due to our NBBU (Dutch Association of Intermediary Organizations and Temporary Employment Agencies) membership. You also enjoy the certainty of working with an NEN 4400-1 certified agency, including the possibility of indemnity against hirer liability.
  7. Placement, secondment or recruitment and selection: choose whichever option best suits your vacancy.
  8. We maintain contact with the people we assign in order to monitor their satisfaction.